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updated: August 2011

Most of the space on my homepage is, of course, taken up by my trip to Nepal in October 2002 and by my diary about our Annapurna Trekking Tour. Nepal is a fantastic travel destination and I hope that the account of my journey will encourage any undecided travelers amongst you to visit Nepal.We organized and planned the complete Nepal trip by ourselves and friends of us warmly recommended us the  experienced, responsible and funny Porter-Guide Purna. He was a good and helpful companion on the Annapurna circuit. On my Nepal page you will also find a couple of tips and advice (e.g. packing list, vaccinations, altitude sickness, prices); all of the reports are in German (sorry!).
Important tip: if you consider going on a trekking tour, please inform yourself in time about Maoist's activities in your trekking area! You can get the latest information from your [embassy or consulate] in Nepal, for example.

Medical elective and voluntary teaching in Nepal

In April/May 2006 we visited
Australia, here is my report in German. We flew with Virgin Blue from Brisbane to Cairns and drove along the east coast  from Cairns to Brisbane in 16 days. On the way we visited beautiful islands, lonely but wonderful beaches and amazing National Parks.

In another, bigger section on my homepage DAV, Huettentouren. I describe my lodge trekking tours in the Alps and in the Dolomites. All of them are in German.

In April 2008 we traveled three weaks through south Florida.

Upper Mustang diary May 2011

 If you are interested in Mustang-, Annapurna- or Alps Trekking and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact  me.  All rights to this page are exclusively mine.

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